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Workshop 1:'Noah's Challenge'

We set off  into the woods in mixed age groups to put ourselves into Noah's shoes and think about the challenges he must have faced along the way. Our first task was to build a fire and persevere to keep it going as Noah would have done to keep the Ark warm for his family and all the animals!


Our next job was to choose a 'Noah' to lead the building of the Ark and make sure it was watertight! We worked out that he would have needed lots of help from his family to make sure it was big enough..


Noah's final task was to lead the animals (two by two!) on long journey with many obstacles until they were all safely on board the Ark. We all made the calls of our chosen animals which made us realise how noisy it must have been!


We thought a lot about the perseverance demonstrated by Noah and that of the animals so that his mission was successful. We also discussed the challenges he faced and how God would have helped him to keep going. We were able to link this to obstacles that we might face in our own lives and the importance of 'not giving up'. We really enjoyed working together!