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Read Write Inc Phonics - 25 September 2014

Read Write Inc Phonics - Thu 25 Sep 2014

At Wimborne St Giles CE VA First School we are determined that every child will be able to read, spell and write well. We will now be teaching Read Write Inc through Phonics and Literacy lessons. It is a very lively and vigorous programme of teaching reading. We are very serious and passionate about getting every child to read. It is our aim that every child can read confidently using taught strategies for reading (decoding) and at the same time develop handwriting skills and spelling (encoding). We have a new set of exciting Storybooks and Non-fiction with words that children can decode based on their learning. The more sounds the children know, the greater the range of texts they can read. Since we have started this term I have worked alongside every child in the whole school to assess their knowledge and application of sounds. This is to ensure that the trained adults in school can pitch their teaching at the correct level to small groups of similar ability children.

Using Read Write Inc, the children learn to read effortlessly so that they can put all their energy into comprehending what they read. It also allows them to spell effortlessly so that they can put all their energy into composing what they write.

We teach English through the following Read Write Inc principles:


  1. PACE – no time is wasted during teaching sessions! Children are active and involved in a fun and creative way. The aim is for the children to complete the programme as quickly as possible.
  2. PRAISE – teachers praise the children constantly throughout the teaching sessions. Children learn more quickly when they are praised for what they do well, rather than nagged for what they do wrong. The children are encouraged to praise each other and as a school we have developed several ‘Praise Phrases’ and ‘Praise actions’! Ask your child to demonstrate!
  3. PURPOSE – each activity has a very clear purpose. The teacher will set this purpose at the beginning of the lesson so that the children know exactly what they will be learning.
  4. PARTICIPATION – all children take part in all parts of the lesson. Full participation is gained through partner work and choral response.
  5. PASSION – as a staff we are passionate about our teaching and the benefits of the Read, Write Inc. programme! We love teaching the sessions and this enthusiasm rubs off onto the children
  6.  PERSEVERANCE – we do not give up until every child can read!