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Meet the Staff!


Mrs Hill is our headteacher.

(She is also our Designated Safeguarding Lead)


Likes: Chocolate, coffee, getting lost in a book, spending time with my wonderful family and going to the beach on sunny days!


Dislikes: Traffic jams, sprouts and being cold!



Miss Deakin is the teacher in Reception (Ash) Class.

Likes: Chocolate cake, reading (especially Harry Potter books) and visits to the forest.

Dislikes: Wasps and missing pen lids.


Mrs Corbett is the Year 1 and 2 class teacher (Elm Class).

Likes: Anything spanish (especially chorizo!), reading a good book and having adventures with my family!

Dislikes: Bananas, frogs and long journeys!

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Mrs Habgood is Year 3 and 4 class teacher (Oak class).

Likes: Going on adventurous holidays, visiting my family,  taking photos and going on spa days.

Dislikes: The dark, marmite and cooking!

Mrs Palmer teaches the Nursery children in Saplings class.





Mrs Cutbush is the School Admin and Finance Officer.


Mrs Hall is a TA and our ELSA Leader. She is there to talk to if we are worried about anything.